Naomi Tesdorpf

Founder and Occupational Therapist

Naomi has a big heart for kids. Her passion for OT comes from her deep desire for all children (and their families) to know they have great worth, value and purpose. She has a double degree in Health Sciences (Bachelor) and Occupational Therapy Practice (Masters). Naomi is a Paediatric OT with a wealth of experience working with families in Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI), Community Health, Private Practice, and camping programs.


Naomi grew up doing gymnastics from a young age and developed a love for the sport and its value to the development of a child. She began coaching over 15 years ago and quickly became passionate about enabling kids of all abilities to participate and thrive in the sport, seeing over and over again the impact a simple gymnastics class has on the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of a child. Talk ’n' Tumble grew from here.


Growing skills in a fun, natural, non-clinical, environment where children can take their time, be challenged at their ‘just right level’ and be built up in confidence and sense of self is what Talk ’n' Tumble is all about. Walking with children and their families as they grow into being the best they can be, is her passion.

Growing Happy Hearts